Thursday, February 17, 2011

The latest...

Things are clicking along at the Gates Home. Over the last week Lydia has been napping and sleeping at night with one arm out of the swaddler. This is a giant step because just two weeks ago she wasn't ready for that at all. She's way more "mouth focused" than Lincoln was at this age (or he ever was!). It's a total crack up to see her go so frustrated when she can't shove every last square inch of a toy or bib or burp cloth into her mouth. She grunts and groans until we take the thing away from her and she goes back to being happy as a clown.

Lydia is also a big fan of the Baby Bjorn. She can ride in it for well over an hour and be thoroughly content.

Lincoln has been cracking us up with his sayings lately. He's latched onto the phrase, "I wasn't born yesterday," when we joke with him. He needed something to fall back on because he wasn't understanding that sometimes we tease... he was taking everything literally. Now he whips out the "born yesterday" line with relative ease and he's pretty good at knowing when is the funniest time to say it. He's definitely in the "Why?" phase. "Why?" follows every single thing we say.

I'm in the planning phase of our ABF's next Men's Retreat. If it's anything like our last retreat, it's going to be awesome. In addition to some speakers who are speaking on topics that they know well, I ordered a water balloon sling-shot. Could it get any better?

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