Saturday, February 19, 2011

Edge Games VII Finale

Last night was the conclusion of the Edge Games VII. My team put up a valiant effort, with Zac totally rocking the photo challenge and single-handedly earning what ammounted to be about 1/6 of our final point total. Megan finished third in the talent show and the art show, too. We finished in third place, and I'm pretty impressed with our group of 7th graders. Last year as 6th graders they won the whole thing, and now having won trophies in two consecutive years when there's 8 teams and 800+ participants... they did a great job. And the real winners are the new kids who came to Edge for the first time to see what it was all about.

I watched the talent show from the Audio-Visual Command & Control Bunker (my job was to "gong" the acts if they floundered or reached 2 minutes.
Brandon's Band was awesome and he had a kick-butt guitar solo!

"In 3rd Place... TOGO!!!

Cambodia & Djibouti... Extreme anticipation!

"And the winner is... Cambodia!!!"
It's really funny to see how the Edge Games finishes. It's the same year after year. There are jiggawatts of electricity buzzing through the middle schoolers all evening with lots of cheering, lots of competition, and lots of decibles. Then Todd narrows it down to the final two teams, and the buzz reaches near heart attack levels. Then he announces the winner, there's a big celebration, and within 6 or 7 minutes, the place is cleared out and everything has gone back to normal. It's really pretty funny to see how little celebration there is after 10 minutes has passed. Anyway, another fun annual tradition has come to a close for 2011.

Lydia is showing more and more personality. She's getting quite chatty and the funny part is that we can see her be impressed with her own chattiness.
And Lincoln is just being silly.

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