Tuesday, November 23, 2010

IFC Thanksgiving Dinner

Lot's has been going on with us lately. Jenn and I have been running on fumes as Lydia has yet to consistently move beyond waking up every 3 hours on the hour. She's super cute, though, so we're okay with it.

Lincoln has entered a new phase of his verbal skills. He's coming up with some funny stuff, a la Kids Say The Darndest Things. Spend more than 15 minutes with him and you'll see what I mean. For instance, he picked up a Reese's and asked, "What is this?" I answered, "A Reese's Cup." He replied, "It's a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. That's what you meant to say."
Sunday evening we all went to the Internation Friendship Connections Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner at HCC. There were over 700 people there, and most of the internationals had never been a part of a Thanksgiving Dinner... they didn't even know what Thanksgiving is. Yunfei was there and it was nice to catch up with her. We haven't seen her since the HotAir Balloon Festival. She's quite busy doing her graduate work and working. Lincoln took a while to warm up, but once he was comfortable with his surroundings, he become the center of attention of the four tables surrounding his chair. He was a total ham after dinner. Maybe is was the combination of 1/2 a Pumpkin Pie and 2/3 of an Apple Pie!

Lincoln is more than excited to set up his Christmas Tree. While looking for something in the basement, Jenn and Lincoln found our small, artifical tree. Jenn told him we could set it up in his room. They then went to Hobby Lobby and picked out some train ornaments and blue and white jingle bells (Lincoln really wanted blue jingle bells!). After Thanksgiving, we're going to get the house ready for Christmas. (Not a minute before, like some crazies I know! [You know who you are!])

We are greatly anticipating our time with Auntie Em, Uncle Jeremy, Grace & Cole. They're driving up this evening our Thanksgiving dinner is planned for Thursday. This will be the first time the've seen Lydia! (Recall Lincoln's first Thanksgiving.)

I'll post our Thanksgiving photos as we get them. Enjoy your time with your family this Thanksgiving.

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