Monday, October 19, 2009

Funny Baby Boy

Daddy Day last Saturday was lots of fun, except for the crappy performance from Terrell Pryor, Jim Tressell and the rest of the Buckeye offense. But Ohio State doesn't define Daddy Day. I got to see Lincoln feed himself with a spoon first time, we spent some fun time with Grandma Paulette, Grandpa Doug and Great Grandma Gates, we went to the Lyons' Fall Party for a bit, and by the end of the day, Lincoln was pooped out.

On the home front, we settled on an interest rate with our lender and we feel very good about how things shook out. The home inspection on the Forest Edge house is this Wednesday afternoon. The process is in motion for the move. The answers to our prayers have been phenomenal.
I was telling the story that I've told here in previous posts to my 6th Graders last evening at our small group and they were on the edge of their seats during the part about the Forest Edge house selling right before we listed our house ("Aw, that sucks, Mr. Gates!") and the part about the possibility of us not having a home to move into ("Mr. Gates, you would have been homeless!"). We were talking about how when the LORD answers our prayers it ought to increase our faith, and the story seemed fitting for the time, but I had no idea they'd get as into it as they did. We then followed up our Bible study time with a Mario Kart tournament. Our house got really noisy for that part.


Emily said...

That's a pretty picture of Mom with Lincoln. Very nice. Did you beat all the middle schoolers at Mario Kart?

Ryan said...

Ha! No... I lost in the finals. Those kids are pretty good, though. My old Atari skills don't translate to the Wii.