Monday, October 5, 2009

Catch-Up post

September was a month where we weren't behind the camera or in front of the blog much. Our apologies go out to our out-of-town family that relies on this for their steady dose of Lincoln. I'm going to try and catch you up with this blog post.

First of all, some pics:

Listing our house brought a lot of excitement, but not much activity in the early going. Then, all of a sudden, we started having a number of showings in a short period of time. Almost all of the feedback was good (one thought we were over-priced, but they were comparing with Stow, not Hudson) but nothing in the way of an offer. Then on Saturday night at our chili party (more on this below) we got a call from our realtor saying that we'd received an offer. This was at 5:45pm. The offer
  • was low, and they couldn't go any higher
  • stipulated that they wanted to close on Nov. 6 (we'll be in St. Maarten)
  • indicated that they wanted us out of the house shortly after that
  • said that they wanted an answer from us before 9:00pm that night.


So we countered with the number that we originally set out to receive for our house. Keep in mind that we don't have to move. We're not in a rush. So we've yet to hear from them. This set a number of things in motion for us... namely, that we may have to get our stuff out of the house soon. And, there's really only one house right now that meets almost all of the criteria that we'd originally set as our goals. And it's a short sale. From all that we've been able to gather, short sales generally don't move very quickly, so there's actually a number of variables and unknowns right now. We've been praying about the situation and we trust that the LORD will give us the wisdom that we need to proceed.

Getting back to the Chili Party, Saturday evening was our Second Anual Chili Party and this year we had a Cook-off format. Without any coordination between the chili providers we had 8 very unique and distinct chilis. It was a neat food experience, and because everyone was sampling all evening, it kept folks moving around but near the food, so there was lots of interaction. We even had a trophy this year for the winner, and it was the evening's host, Patrick, that took home the grand prize.

Lincoln has been growing up like a good little boy. He likes to push his toys around, but not because he needs the balance, but because they apparently need to get from here to there and he's the best suited for the job (in his mind). His words are coming along. He also likes to spin around and make himself dizzy.

(Since I wrote the above stuff about our search for a house, we found another great house that is not a short sale that we could move into in a timely fashion if we needed to. This doesn't shrink the number of variables, but it does give us something more to think about.)

In keeping with the theme of bouncing from topic to topic, last night was my first Edge Small Group night. I had 7 Sixth Graders, and from everything that I've been told from co-leaders who had Sixth Graders last year and the year before, my goal should be to "just get through the first year." On top of that, on my way out of church yesterday a mother said to me, "Mr. Gates, my prayers are with you for this evening." A real morale booster! But our evening was awesome! The guys are engaged, conversation wasn't forced and they're quite respectful. Most of these guys have parents that are extremely involved at church, mostly in the children's ministry, so their kids know what church is all about. I got the questions:
  • What else do I need to do besides accept Jesus as my Savior to be saved?
  • Do I really have to be baptized?
And then I got the comment, "Jesus' death and resurrection really makes me feel wanted." And after all of this deep theological discussion, most of the guys dog-piled on each other while I was greeting the parents at the end of our evening. If every week goes like the first, I don't think I'd complain.

Well this post has stretched out for quite some time, and I imagine that my next post will have some sort of big news, such as, "We're moving!" ~or~ "The offer fell through." So stay tuned........

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