Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Season, 2015

lincoln reads to grandpa dave

The seasons just keep running together. Not so much the seasons of the weather and the calendar, but the seasons of life. The stages that we Gateses move through, they just merge from one to the next.

In my last post I left off with the time-lapse of the Christmas tree decoration. Well, Christmas 2015 has come and gone, and Jenn and I agree that this was one of our favorite episodes. Certainly not contributing to this was the complete lack of winter feeling outside. However, the relative slow pace of the family Christmas gatherings, the delaying of playing Christmas music in the house, and the overall maturing of the kids really made this a neat Christmas time.

One aspect that prevented this Christmas time from being too drug out is the variety of events that broke up the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Jenn made two non-seasonal cakes that were amazing.

Budapest WeddingHello 3

Jenn and I also revisited Mountain Horse Farm, our favorite winery (Atwater) and a few new-to-us wineries.


As usual, we shared Christmas parties with our several families.

Donati Christmas
kids christmas jammies
lincoln christmas morning

You know that moment when the kids' presents are opened and the grown-ups have more to open?


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