Friday, March 13, 2015


In an effort to further expand the kids' tastes and palates, Jenn has taken them to the grocery store to pick out various food items and then has included them in the cooking process as they learn that the same items can taste differently when prepared in different ways. On top of that, she's even incorporating geography into the project! This past Thursday night it was Brazil night, as the kids made their own Brazilian flags, colored a map of South America, and learned about the Amazon river and the coffee & beef industries of Brazil. For dinner we ate feijoada (faze-wah'-dah) with plantain chips and agua de tamarindo to drink. Wow, was it good!
Jenn's latest cake creation was for the son of a friend, and it was very well-received.
Lydia's Puzzle
And Lydia has been picking up a number of things lately. First, her ability to puzzle is beyond what we've seen from the boys. She doesn't start with the edges, but just works with finding matches, and she's really good at it. She's also been getting her letters lately, and it's something that just seemed to click overnight. And we've enrolled her in gymnastics again, and she's loving that.

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