Friday, November 14, 2014

Henry Turns Four!

Another four year old in the Gates Home!!!
The kids enjoyed receiving presents, and each of them, especially Henry, seemed to be genuinely excited in ways that we hadn't seen at previous Birthdays and Christmases.
IMG_1561Henry got such a cool present that Lincoln needed to add it to his Christmas list right now!
Back at the end of October I went to Chicago for the 2014 AVMA Economic Summit. It was way more technical than any of you would be interested in learning here, but I did take one cool photo during the approach to O'Hare:

#Chicago before sunrise. On my way to the #AVMAEcon Summit.

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Just off the coast, you can see Soldier Field on the left, and just across the road from that is where we stayed with Pete & Moe before they bolted for South Carolina.

Trick-or-Treating was fun this year, too:

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