Sunday, July 6, 2014

An evening with the Blossom Festival Orchestra and their Salute To America::
The kids have been really helpful around the house:
ClippiesCar Wash
Lincoln continues to do well at tennis. We're also learning a few things to work on at home to make our court time better, like footwork and catch and some of the simple things.
Auntie Haley came for a visit over the July 4th weekend, and while Lincoln was at tennis, she and Jenn took the little ones to the nature center.
Seiberling Nature Realm
Seiberling Nature RealmSeiberling Nature Realm
Seiberling Nature Realm
And a neat thing Jenn and I have noticed on our runs on Akron Peninsula Road are the overgrown fields where a farmer has dropped off goats to clear the grass. Most recently, they've been in a field across from where Quick Road ends on AP. So after dinner this evening I took the kids (har!) for a short car ride to see more than 50 mamas and babies.

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