Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year

January has come to a close, and Jenn and I are about to take off on a get-away.  The month has been cold, Lincoln has had 6 or 7 "cold" days off of school, and some play-dates have been helpful to get the kids out of the house for some fun.

Today is Chinese New Year, and we got some Sunrise Kitchen takeout to celebrate.  Henry loves egg rolls, General Tso's Chicken and every other form of Chinese food we threw at him.  Fitting.  Interestingly, Lydia, who has a picky, no unpredictable appetite got into the egg rolls and sweet & sour chicken, too.

Lincoln's ants arrived today for his ant farm.  There was quite a delay with the weather.  The ant suppliers didn't want to ship them to the midwest given the frigid temperatures.
Ant Farm

Usually Lydia is the source of funny lines that the kids pick up on and get all giddy about, but the other day during lunch, Henry looked at his ramen noodles, and without trying to make a show, said, "Noodles, time to go home to my belly."  Lincoln and Lydia heard him and started laughing, and Henry, realizing what he'd done, got a proud look on his face.  He'd finally come up with something original that the other kids found funny.

I ran my first 10-miler last Sunday in a time of 88:51.

The little kids got signed up for preschool today.  Miss Gina's has become quite the choice for many in the area, and spaces were filling fast.  Jenn was able to enroll them early because of Lincoln's experience there.  When she took the kids today, Lincoln received quite the welcome, Lydia threw herself at one of the teachers, and Henry seemed quite comfortable.  I expect them to be preschool all-stars when the fall rolls around.

Grandma Laura is due to arrive at 3:00 on Saturday, and the kids are way looking forward to it.


likeschocolate said...

Happy New Year! Just wanted to let your know we now have a facbook group of kids out of Zhengzhou.

likeschocolate said...

Oops sorry it is late and I meant Zhoukou!