Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gates Art

Breakfast @ The Casey's
At the outset of our vacation, the Art Institute of Chicago was third or fourth on our list of priorities with the City Pass (and we *highly* recommend the City Pass if you're visiting Chicago). As it turned out, we'd go to the Art Institute first if we were returning. This is not a put-down of the Field and Shedd, just an assertion that the Art Institute is that good.

If you've known either of us for 15 minutes, you know that we're not artsy in the least, but Sunday turned out to be our Art Day. From the Thorn Rooms to the Modern Art to the current Impressionism & Fashion exhibit and the Abelardo Morell photography, we were absolutely into it, and if we lived near the downtown Chicago area, membership would be on our agenda.
We swung by the Willis Tower (former the Sear's Tower) to visit the Sky Deck. They told us our wait with the City Pass would be 1 hour, without the City Pass would be 4 hours… and we were up and down in 35 minutes. The views were pretty neat.

The parks in the photo above are Millennium Park and Grant Park, the peninsula is the museum campus where the Field, Shedd and Planetarium are located, Navy Pier is hidden behind the buildings on the left. We walked (and Jenn ran) all over the area in this photo many times during the weekend.

We finished off Sunday evening with a trip to Bottle & Bottega for our own art.

Big thanks go out to...
  • Grandma Paulette & Grandpa Doug for taking the kids on Friday so we could get out of town early.
  • Grandma Laura & Grandpa Dave for taking the kids so we could stay the whole, long weekend.
  • Pete & Moe for their generosity and hospitality during a fantastic anniversary weekend.

Finally, it has come to my attention that I misspelled Kindergarten in Lincoln's photo in the last post. In my mind, I've known it was spelled with a "t," but I've seen others spell it with a "d," so I thought I must have been mistaken. When my Blogger spell-check didn't catch it, I really thought I was mistaken. Please spare me and refrain from asking, "If a bunch of others jumped off a bridge..." Chalk this up to a parenting "Oops!"

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