Saturday, June 30, 2012

Potatoes and Spuds

So the last post was a bit of a downer. Life seems to always be a couple of steps forward and a couple of steps back, and we're never promised fairness. That was a lesson my Bible study group talked about at our last get-together as we discussed Zephaniah. We have greatly appreciated the e-mails we've received from some of the others on our tour. Just knowing that we're sharing experiences helps a lot. It also helped to get further from the experience of over-exposing Henry on Sunday. He and I are going to duck out right after the message this Sunday to avoid over-kill with him.

Jenn went hiking with Diane today in the morning while I took the kids to Jubilee Donuts. They got into that big-time. It also gave Jenn a break from the week. Then, she took Lincoln to Hattie's at First & Main in Hudson for lunch. They shared a HUGE milkshake and then went toy shopping afterward. And then they stopped at Gymboree, and I have to give Jenn credit for leaving the store without spending over $3,000. Lincoln needed some one-on-one time, and Jenn has been feeling like she doesn't get many opportunities to spend that time with him given the situation with the sub-two-year-old population in our home.
The Mr. Potato Head set that the MacDermotts gave to Lincoln a while back has made an reappearance, and this time Lydia is all about putting body parts where you might not necessarily expect them. Here is a collection of what Lincoln, Lydia and I put together. Henry helped by scattering them around the floor so as to further randomize Lydia's "art."

Lincoln got back in the kitchen last weekend helping Jenn make some cupcakes that turned out pretty good. Credit Grandma Laura with the idea of chocolate chip cookie dough on the bottom, a Reese's Dark Peanutbutter Cup in the middle, and brownie batter over top. Yum.
Santas Sammi & Zuzu made a summer-time appearance at the Clinic this past week. Their owners are my absolute best clients, and it's humbling how well they keep up with our kids and the current and soon-to-be-added sons of Kristina, my senior technician at the Clinic. They delivered Lydia a doll, Henry a bowling set, and Lincoln some Matchbox cars (which he races down his slide in the basement!). For all three there was a inflatable water toy that we've used to cool off during the 90's that have come our way.

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