Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas 2011, pt. 2

This past Sunday was Donati Christmas. Once again, good food and company!

Then on Tuesday evening we had Christmas w/ the Hopwoods (photos to come), and that's right about the time I started getting sick. I hope it's the flu, because Lincoln, Lydia and Jenn got their flu shots a while back.
Grandpa Dave, Grandma Laura & Auntie Haley arrived yesterday, and Lincoln has been enjoying his time with them. We'll be having Mullen Christmas on Friday, then Parkinson Christmas on Saturday. Jenn has to work on Saturday and Monday (dislike). This is one crazy Christmas season for us. I'll wait for it all to pass before I form and share my opinions this year.

We also found out that the DMV took the wrong sized photos for us. One more reason why I am completely unimpressed with government. So we're going to have to get those retaken and submitted to our agency. This shouldn't set us back in the long run, mostly because FedEx's delays (the ones that we paid good money to them to avoid) are looking like they're going to set us back by about 6 to 8 weeks. We'll see how quickly things go in January, but it's looking more like we'll be going to China around July or August. Time will tell, though.

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